Quantum Optics at ULiège

The group for Theoretical Quantum Optics, headed by Prof. John Martin since 2011, is part of the Atomic and Nuclear Physics pole of the University of Liège (Belgium), together with the Cold-atom Physics group (Prof. Thierry Bastin) and the Quantum Statistical Physics group (Prof. Peter Schlagheck). The Atomic and Nuclear Physics pole is part of a larger research unit named CESAM.

Our research activities mainly fall within the fields of cold-atom physics and quantum information theory. More specifically, we are interested in

- the consequences of the coupling between internal and external degrees of freedom of (cold) atoms, mainly in the context of open quantum systems or systems with dipole-dipole interactions,

- the entanglement in multiqubit symmetric states (we study the separability, classification and quantification of entanglement).

We are also active in the study of (quantum) chaos and the multifractality of quantum wavefunctions.




Our research in pictures

Husimi function of an anticoherent spin state
The queens of quantum

Quantum-enhanced measurement exploiting dissipation
Geometric entanglement of 4-qubit symmetric states

Superradiant pulse radiated by 30 indistinguishable atoms
Master equation for spontaneous emission by cold atoms

Poincaré section of a chaotic Bohmian trajectory
Genuinely entangled states without N-partite correlations


Our lab is located at the "Institut de Physique Nucléaire, Atomique et de Spectroscopie”, building B15, on the campus of Sart Tilman.
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IPNAS (Institut de Physique nucléaire, Atomique et de Spectroscopie)

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